First Draft                    +31 (0)653 507 408

+31 (0)653 507 408

Sint Jansstraat 65

1012 HG Amsterdam

The Netherlands

PoseTone Studios

We do not claim copyright. After we wrote your script, you own the copyright. You only mention us in the credit sequence as co-writer

We write your filmscript

within 1 month for € 3.000,-

31. Int.     writers room               Day.

We work within a simple workframe. You tell us your story, we will fit it in a cinematic structure and write your script within 1 month. We believe in the old Hollywood discipline of writing: Just do it! Orson Welles wrote the first draft of Citizen Kane in 3 weeks with Herman J. Mankiewicz. Rainer Werner Fassbinder wrote some of his scripts on the night train from Munich to Paris. We use the same principle.

We write scripts for feature films for             € 3000,-

We write scripts for short movies starting at      €  300,-

We write scripts for commercials for               €  500,-

We create stories and campaigns for commercial for € 2500,-

We have the expertise and the skills to tell your story